A Saudi real estate company based in Riyadh, which is concerned with developing, investing, managing and marketing real estate assets and projects, and providing an integrated package of real estate services to clients and real estate investors, and has a proven record of qualitative achievements and partnerships, founded by a group of Saudi businessmen with long experience and deep knowledge in the real estate field The real estate conglomerates aim to contribute to promoting the development of the local real estate sector through the transfer and employment of the latest and best practices in the areas of investment, development, management and real estate marketing.

In the name of God ..
We work in blocks to provide and provide the real estate and investment product through quality projects that meet the desires of customers. We also aspire to develop infrastructure services, investment and asset development and management according to the market need and its variables, with the experience and competence of our professional cadres, starting with offering the idea and supporting it and working on developing it until it enters into a successful investment.
One of our goals is to enhance the vision of the national transformation 2030 in our actions and directions under the rational leadership that has always enabled the private sector and work to sustain and develop the national economy.
Investing in the real estate sector is one of the important assets and tributaries in our economy and culture, due to the low risk and natural growth in capital.
Al-Mohsen bin Othman Al-Nasser
Chief Executive Officer